If you have suffered this unfortunate fate, have hope that this list will someday bring you great gratitude for all you endured and eventually survived. Speaking of scooters- riding them resembles the bumper cars at the fair. Sleep as often as you can- both for healing purposes and even more for your mental well being. You think you will have all sorts of time on your hands to read and rest and watch movies etc.

There will come a time, when you don’t remember the vivid details of your healing journey, as I did. Your furniture and paint jobs will never be the same. It passes the time, and Lord knows the days and nights are long. As you slowly surrender to all control, remind yourself that somehow the other people in your house will manage. But a month goes by, and low and behold- you’ve done nothing worthwhile at all.

Less commonly, a second myopic shift may occur late during the second decade or early in the third decade.

Repeat after me: “This is temporary.” Keep saying it and remind yourself that this is truly a blip in time. Winter was a hard season, but spring came- and summer.

I’ve found that piece is still reaching many, so I decided with this new refresher course I am currently taking- it was a worthy road to revisit. I learned so much the last time I was down throughout the winter months, and having this fallback surely opened up new (and old) wounds that bear the burden of losing that infamous grip on control.

Life surely isn’t easy when you only have one leg to stand on. It’s a tough terrain of relentless surrender, when you are faced with limits, isn’t it?

On that note, find trusted people in your life who know you well enough to allow your emotional voice to be heard.

Your perspective will shift dramatically, when you go digging in the garden of gratitude.

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