Players met list not updating

Destiny 2 seems to be pretty stable on consoles, but release has not been entirely smooth.

As part of our Destiny 2 guide, we’ll be tracking these errors to keep you across the latest information that’s not so much how to get Exotic weapons or trigger Heroic Public Events but “get online and actually play”.

The error codes and reported issues below are arranged in reverse chronological order by update status, so you should always find the latest news on Destiny 2 error codes at the top of the page – and get an idea of how long your particular bugbear has gone unactioned, if you don’t have enough reasons to blow a gasket today.

Check back with this page for regular updates on Destiny 2 error codes, plus solutions and workarounds when we find them.

It’s a general networking error which is reported to Bungie the moment it occurs.

Troubleshooting steps are as follows: If the Trumpet error code pops up, Bungie said players can attempt to work around the issue by changing the Blizzard Region in application. As of October 26, this issue on PC appears to be solved.

It may also appear to players on console whose Play Station Plus or Xbox Live subscription has expired.

If Buffalo is repeatedly encountered, players should check the status of their platform’s services (PS4, Xbox One,

Bungie noted the issues on Twitter today at launch, and we’ve culled some of the descriptions and workarounds for each to help you out.

The Beetle error code is one we’ve seen before and it occurs on all platforms.

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