Is simon and paula dating is being intimidating a good thing

Simon admitted he hired her because he fancied her, and last year Amanda let slip that: “When we were both single we went out on a date.” But she added: “I pre-ordered a cab to come and get me at 10.30pm, which made him laugh.He never forgot that.” Rating: Live Show THE stunning model and actress had no obvious qualifications for BGT but that didn’t stop Simon making her one of its judges – for all of five minutes.“Saula forever in our hearts” reads one Tumblr post, while a caption for a Facebook photo of the pair circa 2013 reveals shipping at its most fan-obsessed, heart emoji-flourished best: “This moment is magical!” Still a phenomenon seven years after Abdul left the luster of judge’s panel following her 2002-2009 reign, Saula remains an object of fascination – even for one-half of the party from which it takes its name.And he previously dated his American Idol make-up artist Mezghan Hussainy.But despite working closely together for more than a decade, Julia insists they are just friends – no wonder there are no pictures of them together.She said: “I think Simon ­respected me for coming in as an artist and standing up for what I feel.” Rating: Live Show Simon claims an infatuated Paula tried to seduce him: “I considered it, but then I thought, ‘I don’t think the after would be as good as the before’ . You could have cut the apparent sexual tension with a knife. I’d let her stay for a few hours, then it would have to be goodnight.” What a charmer.

She said when returning to X Factor: “I said, ‘If I suck your d*** can I get the job? It was very simple.” Grist for the rumour mill, or a frank admission? She immediately poured cold water on the gossip, saying: “No. Rating: Judge's House RITA watchers would not be surprised if the Hot Right Now maneater had got her claws into Simon when she came into his orbit as an X Factor judge. They never confirmed their relationship, but did flirt openly on Twitter.

She fits Simon’s type and he would no doubt have jumped at the chance, but Nicole is too smart for that.

Besides, she has always insisted that he never fancied her. I’d let her stay for a few hours, then it would have to be goodnight.” SIDE by side on the American Idol judging panel, Simon and singer Paula, 54, were either flirting outrageously or at each other’s throats.

Simon once explained the bromance as: “You know the skit he does in Little Britain with the Prime Minister and the gay assistant – that is the relationship.” To which David promptly replied: “Are you the gay assistant?

This the true Hollywood story of how the term “Saula” came to be.

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