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The Model T was a completely different car than the vehicles Ford had produced to date.

It had a 2.9 liter 175.6 cubic-inch four-cylinder generating 22 horsepower and was capable of carrying the vehicle to a top speed of 42.3 MPH at a maximum 1800 RPM.

He advertised his trip by putting this sign on the back of the automobile.

The Smithsonian collected this 1913 Model T to illustrate the technological development of the automobile and to make sure that the collections included an example of the popular, mass-marketed, mass-produced “flivver.” When Harvey Carlton Locke offered his 1913 Model T to the institution, curator Frank Taylor wrote to Dr.

The generator was made of brass and had a lower chamber that held calcium carbide and an upper chamber that held water.

1913 Ford Model T, arriving at the Smithsonian in 1935.

Donor Harvey Carlton Locke drove the Model T to the Smithsonian from his home in New York.

Cooling was by the primitive thermo-siphon method, lubrication via a splash system.

The gas tank nestled beneath the front seat, its fuel being fed to the engine by the force of gravity.

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