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Below: Runestone Setting: Spring View From Back Yard of Author, Circa 1984.Gloria Farley's home was at left side of this photo.The Runestone Monument is nestled in a rocky ravine in the upper area of this Photo, near where the visible roadway reaches the skyline.This picture was from about 1984-1985, With Christine Houser, Jennifer Woodard, Melissa Woodard, and Mary Kay Woodard.The manager of the hotel asked me if I fancied scuba diving and I was hooked.

My trusty old typewriter is still going strong – just like its owner!She lived across the street from our back yard Approximate location of Runestone is marked by an arrow head near where a roadway ascends the mountain.Below: Yet Another View, During Fall, When Gloria Farley's Beautiful Maple Tree Was Showing Well.This picture was taken after Sunday Morning Church, When we were on our way to Mena, Arkansas to enjoy a catfish dinner, and viewing of beautiful Fall foliage.Christine Houser and Jennifer Woodard were then and still are best friends.

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