Updating indexes and data on smileys unsuccessful

Fatal error: require_once() function.require: Failed opening required ‘Zend/Search/Lucene/Storage/File/Filesystem.php’ (include_path=’/somepath/public_html/lib/pear:.:/usr/local/php52/pear:/somepath/public_html/lib/core:/somepath/public_html/’) in /somepath/public_html/lib/core/Zend/Search/Lucene/Storage/Directory/on line 349 Potential Solution: Try switching off incremental index update at Search settings (tiki-admin.php?

page=search) Comments about this potential solution Switching off incremental updates might make the problem go away but then the search won’t work properly anymore Here are a few ideas regarding search index failures It could be a php path problem - your error message lists an odd one in there, so possibly uncommenting this example line in your .htaccess file will do the trick (line 177 in _htaccess in 8.x - to uncomment it remove the # char from the front) ...which will reset the path to just the tiki directory.

See the Table overview article for help with managing your tables.

This article also includes links into more detailed topics like Table data types, Distributing a table, Indexing a table, Partitioning a table, Maintaining table statistics and Temporary tables.

You probably already have apache able to write to temp (or lots of other stuff wouldn’t work) so if there’s any unified-index dirs in there, remove them (put them somewhere safe just in case maybe) and then rebuild the search index using the link on admin/search.

This library makes it easy to clean, parse or tokenize the tweets.

I am using Kibana already and everything works perfectly (PUT/POST/GET etc...) when I send request from Kibana Console. But I do not need that; my goal is to index new documents with php (because I'm using wordpress and i want part of the content of my posts to go to ES because i need search function on my website and do not want to use mysql search functions).

After i create whole json document i send it via HTTP POST to REST.

To configure your firewall for access, follow the steps in Configure server firewall access for your client IP in the Provisioning instructions.

SQL Data Warehouse recommends using SSMS, SSDT for Visual Studio, or sqlcmd to query your data.

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