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The site is part of UK Dating Group, which runs several different themed dating sites.

"Harry Potter fandom" refers to the community of fans of the Harry Potter books and movies who participate in entertainment activities that revolve around the series, such as reading and writing fan fiction, creating and soliciting fan art, engaging in role-playing games, socializing on Harry Potter-based forums, and more.However, once registered, you're thrown into the same pot as people from all the other themed sites.How else do you explain, for example, 504 chess-loving women aged 41-45 in Bedfordshire alone? The site matched him with a woman living 150 miles away who had signed up via a 'no children/don't want children' site. They married this year.) Anyway: my conclusion is that men are no more likely to find a chess-playing partner on that site than on any other.The craze over the series was referenced in Lauren Weisberger's 2003 novel The Devil Wears Prada as well as its 2006 film adaptation.In the story, the protagonist Andrea Sachs is ordered to retrieve two copies of the next installment in the series for her boss's twins before they are published so that they can be privately flown to France, where the twins and their mother are on holiday.

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    His face pics are great, but I really feel like he's underselling what else he has to offer.

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    Nevertheless, we would really like to have a broader picture.

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