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Search this Site Cool Links Subscribe to Quiz Stop Site Map or Text Menu Sponsored Links... Excel High School offers online high school diploma. The thieves use inexpensive, hard-to-track prepaid phones to transmit myriad text come-ons.When word spreads of the spam du jour, the scammers simply toss the phones they're using and buy new ones.Spam in text messages may try to guide you to shady websites that will install "malware" on your phone to vacuum up all the personal data stored in it.Or the messages may urge you to dial a phone number where your personal and financial information is solicited. If you don't have a text message plan, you'll pay around 20 cents for each one you receive. " Every day, about 45 million spam text messages are sent to North American cellphones.

• Anti-malware software is available for many phones.

Whatever you provide is either used to steal your identity or sold to third parties who'll send you yet more spam texts.

In 2012, cellphone spam — often called "smishing " — has tripled compared with 2011 levels, while email-delivered spam continues to drop, following an 82 percent decrease last year. For scammers, cellphone text messages are fast, cheap, easy and effective.

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