Powerpoint graphs not updating

Apart from general categories, we have focused on some important ones like business balancing and decision charts, roadmap slides, roadway diagram, process flow even SWOT Analysis and Ge-mckinsey matrix.

We have slide templates Power Point presentation for some important and globally used processes like fishbone diagram, action selling process and branding.

Here’s a short video that gives you a sense of what the process looks like.

Personally, I find the production of slides vaguely hypnotic.

While there are some tools available (see below), ultimately there are some difficult choices to make.

Updating all the slides by hand can be tedious, slow and error-prone.

To do this I have created an Excel file that contains data for all countries and a datasheet that uses vlookups to pull through the data for one country at a time. Source Full Name, _ s Search For, s Replace With) End If Next Next ' slide End Sub I think you need to copy and paste the charts from Excel to Powerpoint in a specific way.

Here are a few of the hairy bits:markets = ('Market1','Market2','Market3') demographics = ('Demo1','Demo2','Demo3') PTRFile Name = 'C:\Documents\User Name\Desktop\My Report Generator.ptr' for demo in demographics: for market in markets: Report File Name = 'Path Name\Folder Name\demo\market.ppt' cmd = 'PTRFile Name -demo -market' It isn’t simple, but once constructed this "slide factory" is a valuable capability that can free up an enormous amount of time from presentation grunt work.

To create a country presentation I save a copy of the Power Point presentation and the Excel file - one copy for each country - and then change the country on the data sheet so the presentation updates (after updating the links in the file using a macro). https://support.office.com/en-US/Article/Copy-Excel-data-or-charts-to-Power Point-f5f84f7b-b566-47fa-8c67-c95b8d14e7a3? ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US#bmpastechartpowerpoint Thank you for the suggestion. I've tried pasting the charts with the workbook embedded however the problem is that it embeds the whole workbook each time you add a chart.

The problem I have is that if I just send the Power Point file to colleagues they cannot edit the charts. So if you have 20 charts you have the workbook embedded 20 times which makes the Power Point file really large.

The challenge Let’s say you need to produce the same presentation month after month, updating the data each time.

Or maybe you have a set of slides that need to go to a bunch of different audiences each with their own specific market, product, business line, or industry.

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