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Yep, they've been riding the "twins are SO HARD" sympathy train for far too long. ) The moral of the story is that if you want your parenting life to go more smoothly (not counting the need to cart twice as many things, buy twice as many toys, and remember twice as many social security numbers)—have twins! I assume all my delusional BS will be out the window once the tandem PMS starts. You can laugh at me in ten years when I’m crying in the tampon aisle loading super-sized bottles of Midol into my cart. It’s a new bakery on the lower east side that will make your little girl’s brain explode with 🌈⭐️🍰🦄🎀🎈🍭💝.Nicole's got twins, the matching set of girls pictured up top, so we can trust her when she says, "Don't feel bad for ME. Allow her to explain why having kids is easier when you birth them in pairs… You see a mother struggling to haul two baby car seats through the door. Or test it out by borrowing a friend’s kid that could pass for your kid's double. @oscardelarenta invited us to a cake decorating party there and sent all the girls dresses to wear. #odlrkids View on Instagram FYI, both my kids think that there are many fake Santas running around during the Christmas season but the REAL Santa resides at Macy’s. I was going to leave work and meet her and our sitter there but I'm too swamped.It's the first time she's getting a cut without me.After all, you have one trained like a monkey, the other must be defective. When Mike makes himself a plate of food and then realizes he has nowhere to go with it since I'm filming at the table 🤣 See the full video on my blog— link in bio.#sponsored #Kinder Joy View on Instagram This is Harlow at 6 months, back when her beautiful brown eyes revealed themselves to us— a baby's eyes often change color before they finally set at 6 months.

But a day will come when she will see you, mother of singletons, at a park playing the Malificent to her child’s Sleeping Beauty, and twin mom will hide a chuckle beneath her hand because the secret to happy parenting is having them in pairs. But when you have twins, these same people will also load your groceries into your car. When he’s facedown on the Walmart floor screaming for a cookie, people will tsk, tsk and shake their heads. When you have one twin on the floor and the other is sitting quietly with his hands and feet to himself, they will assume it’s the kid, not you. Before you watch, guess who would rather have a sweet surprise and who would rather get a toy... The good news is—Kinder Joy has both 😊My favorite part of the video?

I'm talking about "what to expect at 6 months" on the blog today in partnership with Triple Paste, the best ointment to treat and prevent diaper rash.

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Fingers crossed they don't chop it all off or give her faux hawk!

View on Instagram If you don't already know, "a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios with milk" has replaced Harlow's waffle obsession.

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