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A knitted suit of long underwear went underneath and included attachments for holding up long stockings.Summer shoes were usually made of canvas, making them lighter than the hard boots of the Victorian age.For if you were to set out today to try to amass such a collection, it simply does not exist in totality.Our customers consist of Collectors, Playhouses and Theater Groups, Fashion Designers and the everyday fashion forward woman.Again the clerk said, “Well yes, but they are in the back, and I will have to go and get them”, so I agreed I would wait.

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With a heavy heart, we announce that Janlee Vintage store location at 28 Public square will be closing in mid April.

Beautiful assortment of vintage fall and winter coats at amazing prices. Twinkletots Vintage - At Twinkletots Vintage, you ll find a large assortment of vintage clothing for boys and girls, along with shoes, accessories, and patterns.

I think those were the longest five weeks of my life.

“Not to worry”, I implored him, “I promise I won’t sue you, seriously I will sign whatever you need me to, just let me go through them myself and I will choose what I want.

In winter, girls wore a heavy sailor suit or a serge skirt with a sweater, often with a matching beret.

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