Dating murano labels

For accuracy, the white decanter has a wavy rim, so you have to turn the stopper until it lines up with the bottle...*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Large Murano Pink and White Filigrana Ribbons Decanter!!! It has a ribbed design to the body with original stopper...*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Gorgeous and Elegant Murano OPAL BLUE and GOLD FLECKS Art Glass Decanter with Gold Stopper!!!

The smaller light brown-gray decanter has a coin spot decoration to the body.

Documented to designer Alfredo Barbini, circa 1950s, and published in his catalog. Very ornate stem with flowers and green leafs attached. Documented as an ERMANNO TOSO piece, for FRATELLI TOSO in the "A PENTONI" design.

They have a ribbed design, with twisted curl at the top. Also, each piece has a little variation in the measurements, one slightly taller, the other slightly wider.

It has NO damage (chips, nicks, fleabites or impact marks)...*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Gorgeous Murano Hand Blown GOLD FLECKS Art Glass LEAF Shape Bowls!!!

*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Gorgeous and Rare Early Venetian Hand Blown ORANGE and GOLD FLECKS with PINK Flowers Drinking Glass!!! This antique piece has a quilted pattern in bright orange.

Attributed to the AVEM Company, and with import label still attached. There is...*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Amazing Murano Hand Blown PINK and WHITE OPALESCENT Art Glass Compote Bowl!!! The piece has a beautiful pink color and sensual shape. Would make a perfect fruit bowl or fill it with flowers for a special occasion.

Measures 9 3/4" tall (24.76 cm) x 3 1/2" wide (8.89 cm) … ..........*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Incredible Murano Hand Blown HARLEQUIN MOSAIC Window Murrines and GOLD FLECKS Art Glass Women's SHOE Sculpture!!! There is NO damage (chips, nicks, or fleabites)...*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Huge and Gorgeous GREEN Jewel Tone and DIAMOND QUILTED Architectural Italian Art Glass Floor Decanter!!! On the close up photo (photo 3) it looks like the piece is made in the "Pulegoso" technique, but it is actually the reaction to the pigments and the opal glass that create the effect.

It does have some tool marks on the outside...*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Gorgeous Murano Hand Blown SATIN Green Art Glass Ewer or Vase with Yellow MILLEFIORI Flowers on Branch Decoration!!!

Measures 5 1/4" long (13.33 cm) x 2 1/4" high (5.71 cm) … ..........*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Elegant Tall Murano PINK ZANFIRICO Ribbons Art Glass DECANTER!!! The piece looks to have a signature underneath, but very faded. Also, added is a photo of the same piece in white, published in a renowned auction house catalog and listed as Venini. The piece has a slight ribbed pattern to the body, and an applied foot with gold leaf.

Done in the manner of designers Ercole Barovier and Alfredo Barbini.

*********** FREE SHIPPING – WORLDWIDE *********** Large Murano Cased White and GOLD FLECKS Art Glass Space Age Bowl!!! The piece has a submerged white layer covered in clear glass.

Measures 10 1/4" across each side (26.03 cm) x 2 3/4" high (6.98 cm) …

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