Best sex chatbot

As we've said many times on El Reg, a lot of today's AI systems are smart if you're prepared to act dumb.If someone's lost, it’s easier and quicker to just go straight to Google Maps rather than consulting Google’s assistant Allo.

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When chatting, the consumer will be interacting with an animated character called Rex who will have dedicated sections of content specially curated for both male and female audiences.

“We have specially created two animated characters called Rex and Roxy who are the ‘sutradhar’ for content on male and female sexuality.

Users of the Bot can ‘Buy’ Durex products as well as ‘View’ Durex content (TVCs etc).

Microsoft has Cortana on its computers, and Apple has Siri on its Macs.

On mobile phones, Apple will have another rival to deal with, as ex-Siri developers are in the process of building a virtual assistant for Samsung’s handhelds.

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