Femdom america

Habiba smiled as she noticed that Nasser's dick was thick and dark, like the rest of him.

She simply couldn't wait to experience it up close...

" Habiba Melaku said, hands on her hips, as she looked at her fiancé Yaqub Hussein and his good friend and fellow Carleton University student Nasser Traore, clucking her tongue impatiently.

The six-foot-tall, curvaceous, Hijab-wearing Ethiopian Muslim gal sighed, wishing to high heaven that the fellas would get with the frigging program.

Unbuckling his black jeans, Nasser let them fall to the floor, and Habiba's eyes zeroed in on the burly brother's crotch, for he wasn't wearing any underwear.

Nasser's sex stood at attention like a soldier about to be inspected by his unit commander.

Once they reached the king-sized bed, Habiba released Yaqub and Nasser, and stretched luxuriously on its plush surface.

Smiling coyly, Habiba looked at the two men who stood there, their faces full of lustful eagerness.

Yaqub and Nasser exchanged a look, then shrugged and smiled.

Their eyes followed her curves, and she knew they salivated whenever they snuck a peek at her thick round ass, which not even her traditional outfits could hide...

"Oh wow, now that's what I call booty," Nasser said, smiling at Habiba, and he and Yaqub exchanged a wink as the smiling Habiba let her dress fall to the floor, revealing a curvy, caramel-hued body that models would envy.

She couldn't believe that they were actually getting cold feet.

After all, the whole threesome thing was actually their frigging idea...

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