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Partners can be also subject to special bonus schemes that are set out on Dating Factory web-site:

Net receipts mean gross receipts less VAT, sales tax or other similar tax, credit card and other merchant charges, the cost of conversion to the Partner currency, refunds, chargebacks and fines, returns, uncollected items, fraud or any reimbursements for costs of collection.

I have bit my tongue over having several of Lydias children (my youngest is friends with two of them) show up at my back door asking for dinner this summer..

Of course its frustrating to have five unsupervised kids, some of them significantly older than your own, running hog wild over your daughters birthday party, but it sounds like their parents (is their father in the picture.

If its the latter, while unpleasant, its not necessarily unreasonable.

These terms and conditions are the main document regulating relations between Tyche Technologies AG (hereinafter referred to as Dating Factory) and you (hereinafter referred to as Partner/Affiliate) unless otherwise stated in other agreements between the parties.

Charges can vary depending on the payment method chosen by the member.4.4.

Sums deductible from commission may be deducted from later payments.

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