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Be careful, though: The head of the clitoris can become overly sensitive and may retract underneath the hood to avoid further stimulation.With an estimated 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris serves one purpose and one purpose only: to make a woman feel good.An orgasm is a feeling of intense sexual pleasure that happens during sexual activity. In women, an intense, pleasurable release of sexual tension is accompanied by contractions of the genital muscles.

When done correctly, regular sex can improve your relationship and sense of wellbeing. But if you're a man who has sex with women, there's one thing you'll need to master before you can achieve the highest levels of sexual pleasure. When it comes to the female reproductive system, things can get complicated fast.

"In the beginning of a relationship, you lubricate very well and really quickly [because of all] the chemicals and hormones that are rushing through your body," Hutcherson explained.

"Over time, those chemicals start to decrease after you've been with the same person for a while."In either case, Hutcherson suggests that men should be patient and spend more time on foreplay if a woman isn't lubricated enough.

Certain medications and antihistamines also make lubrication more difficult, as do changes in hormones, birth control and age.

Some women may even take longer to become aroused and lubricated if they've been in a relationship for a long time.

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