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Soft, haunting music filters into the cavernous stone dungeon.Each musical note bounces from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, creating a disturbing lingering reverberation that rocks my core.With Mmy face is buried in his groinbelly, his cock fully entrenched in my throat, and his fingers holding my nose closed. A tingling just under the surface of my skin spreads throughout while my body struggles for air.

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Her journey into the world of pain begins with unique training sessions conducted by multiple sadistic Masters, each man using her body to inflict His perversions and predilections for pain.The pain administered to her body is beyond anything she has experienced or could imagine.But in the end and after several days of excruciating training sessions, she learns that pain can be an extraordinary catalyst to unimaginable pleasure.Taking another huge gasp of oxygen, I hum "Sweet Dreams " by the Eurythmics, making my vocal chords vibrate dancing against his cock.The melodious blend of high and low notes is too much and he explodes, filling my belly with his salty sperm.

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