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I will go grocery shopping on Sundays and Thursdays and prepare all my meals in advance for the week. Likely, there will be a side benefit of weight loss to this healthy lifestyle change, without leaving you fixated on a number on the scale.Your support system is paramount to your fitness success.Since opening my business I’ve trained thousands of plus-women and guided them to realizing their athletic potential.This March, I'm releasing my first book, (Greystone Books), which I hope will empower others to do the same.But I also know that embarking on a fitness journey can feel daunting.Here are my tips for getting started and unleashing your inner athlete—in the body you have now.As plus-size women, we often hear recommendations from health professionals such as, “You should swim, do water aerobics, or yoga.” These suggestions are usually made because these forms of exercises are typically viewed as “more gentle.” But that might not work for every woman.

Having trainers who are body positive and understand your emotional, physical, and psychological needs will be a game changer.I often remind women that they are the CEO of their own bodies.Like any good CEO, they have the right to interview and vet who they work with.Having the wrong gear can result in skin chafing, pants riding up into your crotch (trust me, not fun), boobs bouncing out of control, and many other fitness catastrophes. We don’t want any reasons to arise that beckon you to throw in the towel.Unfortunately, the choices are not as vast for a plus-size athlete as they are for women of smaller sizes, and you may need to purchase items online—it’s just the reality.

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