Dating while legally separated south carolina

She has been involved in health and long term care issues for over twenty years, with a New Jersey practice dedicated to elder law and special needs for the last seven years.

Under sound mind my uncle bypassed his children and made me his DPOA and healthcare proxy.

I have been a caregiver for a now 92 year old gentlemen for 9 years.

I just terminated my employment with the agency because I am moving. Is there any way I can visit even though I signed a paper stating that once my employment with that agency was over I was not to have contact with the client?

They planned to give money ,500 to my daughter (their granddaughter) to help with college tuition.It is possible that Medicare paid for hospice care but not for room and board, in which case the facility may have an outstanding claim. What is Arkansas's law regarding removal of PEG tubes once one is placed as her condition will never improve—it will only continue to worsen with time.I recommend consulting an Elder Law attorney in the state where they reside. 2) My father needs to get a Financial Power of Attorney done so that I can assist him with his finances, should he no longer be able to. Are there any issues with this arrangement since I live out of state?He also made me a joint holder on his bank accounts and stated it was a gift to me because he did not want his children to have it.To his children's dismay and dislike he advised his children of "his decision." They waited until after his stroke when he could no longer speak for himself and applied for guardianship.

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