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What about the fact that American blockbusters make tons of money worldwide? But India, the world's ninth-largest economy and second-most populous country, does not even rank in the top 12 foreign markets for the genre.India has developed many of the same features as America: a capitalist economy, an enormous bureaucratic government, and cutting-edge scientific expertise. Weber's argument is much more nuanced and substantive than the cursory description I have given here, but, in sum, disenchantment is rooted in the intellectual tradition of the 18th-century European Enlightenment with its struggles over the place of religion versus rationality.The aftermath of that contest in the West was to relegate the supernatural mysterious to a lower position than material-based reason.Hollywood's had a long love affair with sci-fi and fantasy, but the romance has never been stronger than it is today.A quick glance into bookstores, television lineups, and upcoming films shows that the futuristic and fantastical is everywhere in American pop culture.

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