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Surely you can find another apartment for hte time being. I'm sorry, I know this hurts, but he doesn't want to marry you. Let me ask you something - do you honestly want this guy to propose to you even though he isn't ready yet?

He broke the deal, so why should you move in with him. Even though you two have been together for a long time, if he's not ready, then he's just not ready.

Offer up some alternatives - a registry office, garden party with a few friends, just the two of you away somewhere, writing your own vows instead of repeating words that might mean nothing to them - and see what response you get.

Men, particularly, will often put off getting married until they feel financially secure.

The stuff about having a test run is total b.s., it's just an excuse. Tell him that you would like to possibly wait to move in together.Also, when you live together when your married if you do have issues you usually don't give up right away you work them out.I don't think that two people would move into together having absolutely no idea what it would be like to spend the night together and stay together.You learn SO MUCH about each other when you live together, and it's something that you won't get from staying the night at each other's places or going on vacation together.You get to see how compatible you are sharing repsonsibilities, habit-wise, money-wise, and you combine two lifestyles together to make one.

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