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I remember feeling a great sense of relief knowing that my cats were eating a diet that I had personally sourced and prepared for them – and that feeling continues.I don’t see myself ever going back to feeding commercial cat food after having fed a 100% homemade diet for the past 14 years.However, the poster then went on to outline what she was feeding to her cat which was not even close to the recipe discussed on this webpage!This poor cat was being fed a terribly UNbalanced diet because his owner was using her own ‘creation’ based on the recipe below.Important comments Introduction Raw versus cooked Cost Poultry Rabbit Grinder Before you dive in Making cat food – quick summary With bones or without bones; how much bone Constipation Meat types and sources Ingredients Recipe Making the food – VIDEO Canning the food Dental Health Safety issues Commercial pet food contamination – especially dry food Pet food recalls Dogs Conclusion I frequently see people jump into making cat food without doing their homework and without any thought as to using a balanced recipe.This is what gives veterinarians – including myself – a very good reason for recommending page is – including the recipe provided below.This is because I am assuming that many people will not read the entire webpage.

I have been using the recipe below since early 2003 and I could not be happier with my cats’ health and energy level and – again – food.

The pro-raw feeders are afraid of nutrient loss from cooking/processing.

However, it is not necessary to have such an ‘all or nothing’ viewpoint and our cats will benefit if people approach this issue with more critical thought and compromise.

French translation To the best of my knowledge, this webpage is the only source of information for striking a balance between cooked and raw homemade cat/kitten food.

Every other source focuses on either 100% cooked or 100% raw with individual proponents vehemently arguing which is better/safer.

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