Overly accommodating

They said that they could try to find the box and have it re-routed, but WHO the heck wants a box of old food?? For a lot of Germans food equals love a d you're really not loved unless you've gained 5 pounds in 1 meal and can't move.

overly accommodating-57

Why in the world would I want any more food from this vendor after this experience? It took a while to "convinced" this people that the best way to go here was a refund!I was going to refuse delivery but the box was left on my porch without anyone ringing the doorbell.Customer service only responds by apologizing, and offering a credit but not this time.The second delivery the meals were not what I ordered on the HF app and the meat packaging was leaking though the bottom of the box.The third delivery contained spoiled salad greens that could not be used.

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