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He always told me that you should do what you love. She is the most un-radio talent I've ever worked with.

He encouraged me to not spend all my life in school trying to be a Doctor or Lawyer but to have fun doing what I love! He has a show that would be #1 if he were in New York, Chicago or LA but he moves the Twin Cities. I have to use the dump button on her more than the listeners.

The show also donated proceeds from sales made for CDs of their "Phone Scam" segments.

This segment has the host Spike prank calling a victim selected through the requests on the show's official website.

It is held each morning and notable victims of the segment have included Donald Trump, Ludacris, and Charlie Sheen.

My PD Dom Theodore told me that when he first started here. He's a pro who has a great wife and family who have all been so nice to me. I talked to him at a Pistons game a few weeks ago and he just said he couldn't do it anymore. She produces the show like a TV show and I think it makes us sound that much more different than our competitors. At Boot Camp that could up date the site while we were on the air.

When Dom came to Channel 955 from KRBE in Houston he had worked with shows like Sam Malone and MJ in Tampa and his best advice to us was to make the listeners feel something. Steve and I have been friends for a long time and I learn something new from him everytime I talk to him. I think the best thing we ever did on our show was hire Detroiters to work on it. The best comment Dick ever made to me was a couple of years ago when I saw him at Costco when he said, "Holy shit Mojo. " I went on the air the next day with that story and it led me to loose 50 much needed pounds! We have such and active show and with the growth of the internet I want our show to be a leader in that growth for morning radio.

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