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But if you could actually track those networks, maybe you could do something about them.That’s what sent Nikkita Patel, a veterinary epidemiologist at the University of Pennsylvania, to an unusual source of data on the illegal wildlife trade: the news.The look of the image is inspired after Nature's Encode cover by Carl De Torres.To learn how to generate the cover and variants, read the Circos Encode Cover Tutorial. used network analysis approaches characterize a subtype of ovarian cancer associated with poor overall Circular representation of human cortical networks for subject and population-level connectomic visualization.

The plant is known for its exceptional water repellency, known as the lotus effect.The design is applied to displaying movement data, such as daily trips made by passengers in a city.By incorporating interactivity, this visualization method is helpful to understand interchange patterns at different spatial (between trains, between cities) and time scales (different times of day). The town of Caceres in Spain has used Circos to communicate their urban planning strategy. The use of Circos for showing the connectome was introduced by Irimia et al.In October 2013 Circos reached a milestone - 500 citations in peer-reviewed literature.To celebrate, I've made a commemorative poster that features over 400 Circos images from the literature.

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