Dating ware

The lid fit reasonably well to the body with little side clearance. This is one of the better large teapots from the Desaru cargo. This type of surface will, without doubt, be as shiny as other teapots once they been used to brew tea a few times.

This unique working arrangement makes us one of the few Internet sellers that sell from own excavation and deliver a meaningful A totally intact large teapot in good condition and nice potters mark. Some may have a 'mattish' surface which is from its prolonged exposure to salt water and being fired at at slightly lower temperature.This teapot is likely to produce nice tea as it, like all other teapots on this page, are made from the "old Yixing clay". The teapot will be delivered with a This intact, medium teapot gives an overall good impression with nice colored clay.The spout and the handle are attached with good care and skill. There is a small chip on the inside rim of the lid.It is however an antique teapot and would fit very well as a display sample of late Qing dynasty Yixing teapots. There is a nicely crafted potters mark in the base.To be delivered with a , is probably the least know ceramic center in China despite its long traditions.

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