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It's not just the reach - the scanner itself is incredibly finicky about making sure the whole sensor area is covered, and sometimes just doesn't recognize my finger is on it at all.

This is not to mention that said scanner is right next to the camera, which has the same sort of raised edge design as the scanner and feels exactly the same to your finger.

And as enthusiasts clamor for ever-larger batteries, Samsung has put very average, if not exactly small, ones in these new phones (though they should degrade less noticeably).

The S8 is still a slippery metal and glass sandwich that essentially requires additional protection unless you like to live life on the edge, which is great news for case manufacturers, but less so for you and me.

We'll talk more about the software keys later, but for those of you who liked to tap the home key to quickly check your notifications, be at ease: it has a replacement.

The pressure-sensitive, always-on virtual home key can be configured to wake the screen on a double tap or long press for quick glances. The fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S8 , in particular, is nothing short of a bad experience.

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But I use of phones, and this is hands down the worst fingerprint scanner I have used since Samsung's old swipe-to-read ones.But the phones look and feel so solid - their seams so uniform and tight - that you get the sense they can't even taken apart, because they must have been forged whole in some kind of dark ritual (especially in this black finish).I don't mean to fawn, but when you compare Samsung's industrial design here on the S8 to something like the Google Pixel XL, the Pixel looks and feels like yesterday's smartphone. Compare it to the Galaxy S7 edge, and the new S8 is clearly a more moderate step forward, though.Unlocking the S8 with your right hand requires immense discipline and active attention to how you grasp the phone.It isn't even worth the trouble (my fingers are pretty long, by the way).

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