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Brandon Wade launched the site in 2006 as a passion project: On traditional dating sites he was “outgamed by guys who had good looks or amazing bodies,” Wade told me in a 2013 interview, but he won out when it came to financial success.Critics have smeared Seeking Arrangement as an online brothel that promotes antiquated male-female relationship dynamics (think Lorelei Lee’s sugar daddy boyfriend in ).That’s a long time, so you better make sure it’s not just about the dick. Thanks but no thanks.” ‘All of Our Livelihoods Are at Risk’I asked Amanda if the women who staff her events consider themselves sex workers.“I don’t think they would label themselves like that, but society probably would,” she said.“When you think of a sex worker you think of someone who has their own webpage with sexy photos advertising sex for money.”Models booked for Amanda’s events are forced to sign contracts vowing not to engage in sexual activity during the event.She’d learned about the mixer on Craigslist while searching “nightlife jobs.” (She stressed that she had a day job, too, and had come to make extra cash.) Lexi had been to similar events in the past, she said, but hadn’t successfully nailed down a sugar daddy.“You’ll meet people who say they’ll be your sugar daddy, they’ll pay for this and that and take you shopping, but then they flake,” she told me.She’s still working on setting up her Seeking Arrangement profile, she said, and hopes to have more success meeting a reliable sugar daddy through the site.Two teenage-looking bouncers ushered me inside a nondescript apartment, where a small group of women in strappy heels and bodycon dresses talked among themselves or with a stray “daddy.” (The women far outnumbered the men, which couldn’t be good for business.)The room was large, dimly lit, and unfurnished but for several white couches, tall round tables, and a makeshift bar where the event’s organizer, Amanda (not her real name), made drinks and small talk with guests.It was agreed in an email exchange that I could come as a reporter under the condition that I not disclose the event’s location or guests’ full names.“How’s your night going so far?

Others maintained that it was easier to make connections at in-person events than on Seeking Arrangement.“Some of the guys on Seeking Arrangement are just looking for a fuck buddy,” said Tatianna, an outgoing and attractive 36-year-old who described herself as a “serial entrepreneur.”“I have a busy lifestyle and I want a relationship that’s financially lucrative, but there also needs to be chemistry,” she said of her sugar daddy expectations.The invitation to Wednesday’s “Sugar Baby Mixer” was seemingly unaffiliated with Seeking Arrangement.When I arrived at the event at 8 p.m., an hour after it started, it seemed more like an awkward holiday office party than a seedy space for intimate, pay-for-play encounters.But it also promotes itself as feminist, and many “babies” insist they’re the ones in control.Young women are increasingly using sugar daddy allowances to pay for college tuition, or spinning their sugar babydom into confessional book deals.

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