Dating site shortforms

Yes, but you want to make the best first impression.Words misspelled, sentences that make no sense and lame short forms indicate laziness (especially in a world where auto-correct and spell check exist). and maybe funny Definitely you want to come across as positive.So, what should your first message consist of (and not consist of)?We’ve got some tips for you to help your chances of getting a response. It’s about you showing interest in them – and doing so via a common interest.So, ask them a quick question based on what is written in their profile.You’ve literally given them the easiest ‘in’ to quickly respond to you.Don’t lead off with a negative statement — discuss something in a positive light!

Acronyms are a natural fit for social media networks.

Secondly, you want to capture their attention, so they actually do respond.

Finally, you want to make yourself seem likable, so they want to write back.

Two: They may not be a paying member of the dating site.

Lots of sites keep profiles up forever regardless of the paid status of the person (at Christian, we remove unpaid profiles after a few months – but many dating sites do not).

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