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She was “The Profiler.”“Since people lied to her so often, she claimed to be able to know right away, within five minutes of meeting someone, or even just looking at a picture, whether someone could be trusted,” said Monroy.

“And she would do this with the men I was in relationships with.

It was, ‘He’s not right for you,’ then a list of reasons.” In 2012, Monroy, then living in Brooklyn, told the story of the awkward love triangle between her, her mother and whomever she happened to be dating in “Modern Love,” the popular New York Times relationship column.

Monroy’s reaction to the Profiler’s verdicts on her boyfriends was to rebel by taking the opposite tack. Because she was so quick to judge, I would withhold judgment, often to my own detriment.”The book’s title, in fact, comes from a fragment of a phone message from a boyfriend who ended up destroying all her possessions in one unforgettable bout of rage.

She claims to know who is or who is not a good match for you, that she can see clearly what you cannot. But don’t think for a minute you’re going to top her in any kind of “My Mother is More Controlling Than Yours” drinking game. The story is told in Monroy’s new book, “Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon to Be on Fire” (Soft Skull Press), a series of funny yet revealing personal essays that spans the author’s love life, and her mother’s supporting role in it, from her high school days as an American diplomat’s kid in Mexico to her happy ending as a wife, mom and university instructor in Santa Cruz.

In a message to the campus community on Tuesday, university officials said they had acted swiftly in response to the allegations and immediately put Perla on leave, and, after an extensive investigation, he submitted his resignation on June 1."The allegations were investigated in confidence, because our campus process respects the rights and privacy of all parties, but we investigated the victim’s claims as soon as she came forward," Chancellor George Blumenthal and Interim Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor Herbert Lee said in a joint statement.

An international firestorm was ignited last year after a former Stanford student, Brock Turner, was given a much-criticized six-month jail sentence for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman on campus.

Years earlier, the University of Colorado at Boulder found itself at the center of controversy after a female student alleged that a group of football players and team recruits raped her at a friend's off-campus apartment.

‘I feel like such a Santa Cruz person already,’ she said.

‘Compared to similarly sized cities, there’s just so much here in the arts, writers, dance, performance. I haven’t felt any lack in that regard.’What’s next: Her first three books, she said, have been largely autobiographical.

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