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It indicates the total hours you studied per week and the length of your study.

Details of a student’s academic results and attendance can be added if requested.

f) collaboration where collaboration is expressly prohibited, whether or not that collaboration occurs online or otherwise (and despite the fact that collaboration will generally be encouraged by ILAC International College, in order to foster learning).

2) Cheating offences are subject to academic penalty.

1) Make-up tests, in lieu of tests missed due to illness or other permissible circumstances may be arranged.

Any student who is unable to write a test at the scheduled time must make this request prior to the examination date.

Most complaints are resolved informally with the instructor or faculty member responsible for grading that student/group of students.

Faculty members endeavor to be open and fair in dealing with students’ concerns, thus students are encouraged to speak with the faculty member(s) involved in the matter.

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3) Regular attendance is taken for each class and both absenteeism and lateness will be recorded on the attendance sheet and forwarded to the Administration Office.

4) Students who fail to meet the program attendance requirements without a valid excuse and are required to meet with the Student Service Manager prior to being allowed to attend further classes.

The Student Service Manager ‘s remedies will be governed by the requirements of MTCU and any other regulatory requirements, to which the Institute is bound, as well as The Institute’s Discipline Policy and best practices in the circumstances.

1) Cheating is defined as any deliberate attempt to obtain credit through the use of deceit or dishonest methods.

Examples of such behavior include, but are not limited to, the following: a) passing exam papers/solutions to another student; b) repeatedly looking at other students’ papers; c) discussing or whispering of answers during a test; d) submitting research reports in which no research took place; and e) writing answers on a desktop.

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