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This first incarnation of Harlock on the small screen told a story arc in 42 episodes.

Harlock was mysterious, dark, brooding, yet approachable and human.

Gone was the profiled prow, replaced by a blunt, skull-adorned ram, but the rest of the ship, except for the color scheme, was still reminiscent of the old Arcadia.

Harlock was still the same with some minor wardrobe changes.

The movie set the stage for the series that it helped spawn and that was released later on in the autumn of 1982. The series suffered from low ratings and only ran for 22 episodes.Gone were the exclusively female-like Mazone, replaced by the male-only Illumidas.The premise here was darker: The Illumidas had a firm grasp on Earth, its denizen and remaining military.Harlock Saga (1998) which used a slightly different format.The animation style was still the same, but the story arc was limited to a six-part miniseries.

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