Censored video chat

Example:/unignore John Smith/unignore 5 Note: Ignoring a player only lasts for that particular game.The moment you exit a game, any ignored players will go back to not being ignored.A new report by Citizen Lab, a research group studying the web, human rights, and global security, sheds some light on one particularly fruitful target for Chinese censorship: mobile messaging.

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Everyone knows that China has some of the most sophisticated censorship tools in the world, but the details of how they actually work — what they censor and when — are often not fully understood.

"Fred is whispering to John Smith." That said, you should be careful about how many times you whisper, as players might get suspicious of you.

However, you shouldn't worry too much about getting suspicion, unless the game you are in has a lot of .

If you ignore a player, you will not see any words that they say in the chat (You can't ignore someone while in the lobby, however.

If someone is spamming or being rude in the lobby, take a screenshot and report them).

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