How to detour the teenage dating

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She says teens are in denial, and so are their parents.

Last week, Jeff Cook's 19-year-old son suffered a back injury while playing hockey at the Hillsborough arena, leaving his lower body numb.

“We were in the dressing room and we heard a commotion and the door opened,” says Cook.

“The young girls see this as flattery,rather than obsessive behavior, jealous behavior that could lead to problems down the road,” Sassoon says.

There are further concerns about a detour around the washed-out Route 114 in Albert County, New Brunswick after a recent trip in an ambulance was made more harrowing by the road conditions.

Cook's son is going to be okay, feeling has returned to his legs and feet.

She fell into an abusive relationship when she was only 15.

Now 26, she looks back and says she was too embarrassed to tell anyone, and no one guessed anything was wrong.

In an email to CTV News they say: "We have added an extra ambulance in Hillsborough, 24/7. We have also added the road closure to our computer-assisted dispatch system.

We always ensure that the closest ambulance is assigned to the 911 calls." Work on the washout is steady, but road conditions are worsening the longer it takes.

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