Dating when you have roommates

If you start to feel butterflies every time you see your roommate, you need to step back and think of potential consequences. And you can always find a new flatshare for couples or a single room for rent on Easyroommate.Recently, a 44-year-old guy friend met a 30-something-year-old woman at a party.If you end up fighting (which let’s face it, you most likely will at some point) and see each other every time you leave your bedroom, it can lead to a very uncomfortable atmosphere, for you and everyone else in the apartment.You also won’t be able to vent about your arguments to your other roommates – well you could, but this would probably make life even more awkward!when you have to get up a few hours later for a business trip?I’m assuming no, so keep the noise level down and make sure to tell your partner to do the same.Pay special attention to her schedule so you know when it’s kosher to invite a guy home or spend some extra “snuggle” time with your beau.If you’re particularly uneasy about your housemates knowing when and where you’re making whoopee, then keep your sex life as discreet as possible.

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Talking about money often raise problems with friend. Imagine now if one of you have “forgotten” to pay the rent…Whether you love doing the nasty on the kitchen counter, in the shower, on top of the dryer, or on the couch while watching game shows, you’re going to have to do it when nobody’s around.This means you’ll have to find the time to get it on when your roommate’s at work, away for the weekend or at the gym.However, this could potentially be a problem if you live with someone – unless you feel super-comfortable around them from day 1 (lucky you!), pyjama days may well become a thing of the past for the foreseeable future.

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