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refused to play in the 1904 World Series because of a perception of the "Junior Circuit" as being inferior (and because of alleged animosity between American League founder and first president, Ban Johnson, and the hierarchy of the Giants, owner John T.

Brush and his team's Hall of Fame coach, player-manager John Mc Graw); thus, there was no World Series that year.

The Red Sox soon became a baseball disaster area, finishing dead last nine times in eleven seasons." From 1920 through 2003, the Yankees won 26 World Series championships and 39 pennants, compared to only four pennants for the Red Sox.

When the White Sox's reputation was destroyed in the Black Sox Scandal, Frazee's only option for trades was to deal with the Yankees.The "New York Game" spread throughout the nation after the American Civil War and became the foundation for the modern game of basesball.On May 7, 1903, both teams played for the first time after the franchise moved to New York and became the Highlanders, in reference to playing games in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan.Nine days later, Boston opened Fenway Park with a game against the Highlanders, who had left their home field of Hilltop Park to play in the newly-rebuilt Polo Grounds; soon thereafter, in 1913, the team changed dropped the nickname Highlanders in favor of Yankees.The Yankees would however receive one notable moment of glory against the Red Sox during this era.

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