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You may want to prevent users from saving Microsoft Access records with missing information, especially if this data is important.There are several approaches to this and various methods can be used in Microsoft Access, which can be applied in various places.A class that implements the static property can choose to raise property-change notifications using either method.WPF enables you to access and modify data collections on threads other than the one that created the collection.In these cases, the Data Context property of the item container will be set to the sentinel object that is returned by the Binding Operations. You should check whether the Data Context is equal to the Disconnected Source object before accessing the Data Context of an item container.

To prevent updating the source too often, use Delay to specify that the source should not be updated until a certain amount of time elapses after the thumb stops moving.Ideally, you will not be letting your Microsoft Access database users have access to your database tables, so you will need to validate this information in your database forms.You will need to put your validating code in the Microsoft Access form's Before Update event. " Style = vb Critical vb OKOnly Title = "Required Data..." Msg Box msg, Style, Title ctl.WPF supports data binding to objects that implement ICustom Type Provider, also known as custom types. In certain cases, you might get the Binding Expression of a Binding and need information about the source and target objects of the binding.New APIs have been added to enable you to get the source or target object or the associated property.

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