Validating email in java who is tayler lautner dating

Using regular expression makes it easier to validate data such as email.

After the code you’ll see the meaning of the regular expression used in the code below. This the regex processor that the email address should start with a word character formed of alphanumeric value (a-z 0-9) or it can also be an hyphen, underscore, dot or a plus symbol.

it is declared static, i guess because you call it inside the main method which is static.

if you don't want to use a method, just have those if statements and conditions.

*/ public static boolean is SSNValid(String ssn)/** is Numeric: Validate a number using Java regex.* This method checks if the input string contains all numeric characters. Number to validate * @return boolean: true if the input is all numeric, false otherwise.*/ public static boolean is Numeric(String number) This example demonstrates how easy it is to validate an email address, SSN, phone number in Java using regular expressions.Using this package I created a utility class to validate some commonly used data elements.My Fields Validation class has following methods: Validate email address using Java regex /** is Email Valid: Validate email address using Java reg ex.

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