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"The series is written by Jack Kenny, a practicing homosexual who describes himself as being 'in Catholic recovery,' and is interested in Buddhist teachings about reincarnation and isn't sure exactly how he defines God and/or Jesus....

NBC considers "The Book of Daniel" a positive portrayal of Christ and Christians." Kenny acknowledges that "there are going to be people who have an issue with a gay man writing about Jesus," according to Religion News Service."I'm not making fun of Jesus.

But Christ's appearances are not intended to be some kind of prophetic experience for the priest; they're not intended to be taken literally at all."Talking to Jesus is really kind of Daniel's imagination of what an internal dialogue with Jesus would be like, and it's fraught with all of Daniel's limitations," Quinn says.

Sill, perhaps inevitably, at least one Christian organizations is already protesting "Daniel." The show's depiction of Christ is just one detail that's got the American Family Association (AFA), headed by the Rev.

For far too long in my life, I’ve lived in worry and fear.

On its website, the AFA says the show "mocks" and "demeans" Christianity."NBC and the mainstream media call it 'edgy,' 'challenging,' and 'courageous,'" a statement on the website says.I’m happy to admit that those dark moments only needed said outlet every 3-6 months in the last year and a bit that I spent trying to fix or figure out all of that. Now, I’m free to enjoy the swooning that comes with a new romance that has begun with a ferocity I’ve only ever seen in the movies. My last relationship taught me that: no matter how well you think you know someone because you’ve spent almost every day together for a month, they can still shock you and show you their true colours.We know we’re not perfect, but we seem to be perfect for each other, and most importantly we-talk-about-everything. I have no red flags like I have with every other new start – mind you – nothing to make me think something similar is going to happen with Troy, but I also know I need to protect my heart until I can really be sure.It has been a huge relief to be able to own my choices and to not apologize for anything, and to only take responsibility for what I am capable of controlling – my actions, and not someone else’s reactions to my actions.This shift in my attitude helped me see the beauty in life no matter what I was going through. I decided to employ the same attitude I had given to the rest of my life: don’t give a fuck, and just focus on what you can control.

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