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You find the occasional woman who can hold her own with men, but these exceptions don’t disprove the rule, any more than the existence of Kim Peek disproves the fact that most autistics are hand-flapping retards.

What’s really awful about this situation is that the mainstream media, invested in hiding the truth, blame at my article on why most girls shouldn’t bother going to college.

In layman’s terms, this means that there are more intelligent men than there are intelligent girls.

At the same time, it also means that there are more men then unintelligent girls, which is why the short bus tends to be a sausage fest.

That is the modern “intelligent” girl; an intellectual vacuum.

Her life one great big fraud from beginning to end.

One of the most dangerous delusions of modern America is the idea that girls are desirable because of how smart they are.

The three or four surplus IQ points that college-educated girls have are wasted on them, because all they’re used for is rationalizing a life of mindless consumption and sluttiness.

If the modern West is a cesspool, girls are its most devoted coprophages, gulping down runny diarrhea by the bucketload with forced smiles on their faces.

She rationalizes her choices by saying that she wants to “help the children” or she’s “interested in learning,” despite the fact that all American education does is teach people to memorize Marxist nonsense and repeat it back word for word.

Claiming that girls are intelligent because they earn the majority of degrees is like saying that parrots are intelligent because the majority of them can mimic human speech.

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