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Whatever emotion that might provoke in you, it’s a good opportunity to take stock of relationships in America.

We've collected a ton of data over the last year on where and when people are getting together, getting married and splitting up. Nathan Yau of Flowing Data created these fascinating maps of America’s marital status, which show the counties with the highest proportion of married, never married, divorced, separated and widowed people.

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The figure is higher in more sparsely-populated areas and lower in cities. For college graduates, about 28 percent of those who are married attended the same college, according to the Facebook survey. Online dating is becoming incredibly common: A survey by Pew in 2013 found that 11 percent of American adults and 38 percent of those who were "single and looking" for a partner had used online dating sites or mobile dating apps. In the map below by Jonathan Soma, the size of the blue dots indicates the relative excess in each city of bachelors ages 20 to 34. 19, same-sex marriage was legal in 36 states and D. In a poll by the Public Religion Research Institute, for example, almost a third of Americans said different religious beliefs present a major problem for a marriage or romantic relationship, while 17 percent said the same for different political views.

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What follows is our data-driven overview of the state of our unions, in 25 maps and charts. About half of the American population aged 15 years or older are married, and a substantial portion of them appear to live in middle America.

The counties with the most single, separated and divorced people tend to be in the South. How people find each other has a lot to do with proximity.

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