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The form of poetry referred to as Limerick poems have received incredibly bad press and dismissed as not having a rightful place amongst what is seen as 'cultivated poetry'.

The reason for this is three-fold: Variants of the form of poetry referred to as Limerick poems can be traced back to the fourteenth century English history.

Chances are that there isn't going to be a second date and you basically wasted your time.

All in all, I am beginning to understand the frustrations of women on plentyoffish. Seriously, these guys really need to start reading my blog...

Unfortunately, it seems like a lot of disappointment in the men on the site.

And for the most part, these men are making a lot of the common mistakes that I've mentioned repeatedly on this very blog.

Limericks were used in Nursery Rhymes and other poems for children.

But as limericks were short, relatively easy to compose and bawdy or sexual in nature they were often repeated by beggars or the working classes in the British pubs and taverns of the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventh centuries. Apparently a pub song or tavern chorus based on the refrain "Will you come up to Limerick?

His work with limericks were, however, was not in any way indecent and this particular book proved to be extremely popular in the nineteenth century and this was contributed to by the humorous magazine Punch which started printing examples of limericks leading to a craze by its readers.

The funny limericks of Edward Lear have been used to illustrate this particular type of poem.

His Limerick poems are taken from the Edward Lear's Book of Nonsense which was published in 1846.

”—crap, “I want to make you my everything”—crap, etc, etc, etc." I don't think she ever went on a date with anyone, but it's clear in her making fun of the ridiculous messages she got why she wouldn't or couldn't find a decent date on the site.

---- So, it seems that these two women, who seem like great catches, just aren't getting the kind of quality game fish that you'd find on paid dating sites or in real life for that matter.

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