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This ooune was decided DAIRY AGREEMENT REVEAlf D AS MILK CONTROL ML REACHES LECURL Control of Prices Showti in Pact Between Twelve Dainesi in Vancouver KKKNT HAK HKN p 1 1 » I In « itk t EArniftluni.s I nun i Sf'H ll H i HIU- I tl X W ill Be Increiised W 'HEN the Taxatinn nill comes down latr t*tt«r not •peellleally named in the resolution Itself. It wl U be Nationalists Protest in Cities Si b S.^So CV'm Si an eatoaordlnary situation caused mainly through a fa Ote off of dty revenue from laai itl M. NEI^SON, March 14.— With the arrival of Spring, mombsra af the Bono of PTsodem Ttonkh sbor sect have taken to relieving of their Winter clothing, of Doukhobors dlsrobmg to vicinity of Thrums on Monday v»- nultcd m polloe tavestlgatkm ' afternoon.

The resolution carries 'an appro- pi in Moii of 0,000 for the expenses of the Inveetl Ration and requires that the committee irport its flnd- ing.n. liquor profits and Other wifwoiao B aon- tlngencies. Doukho- m fencea at Thrums near the to the railway TT»e poll T ord'-fd the «om ON.

Upon no Uf I- cailcn by the council that it was unable to grant IMMO extraordinary ns Thaatra for high school purptoes.

a formal motion that the council be asked to submit a by-law was made by Trustee Brlggs. PCBPOM or BBBBLUON While the purpose of the new re- toman was not announced, there were numerou.s report.s a.s to it.s aim.

Iiltid Freight Stfwot, Lti 1MI 0*vi M OSISS Naaah M-^MH lis ' e ST (Toynk M 0arae« im Batchelor's Cash and Carry peopi.f.'s cash s£lf servick POPULAR THREE STORES Yttea Street Ddl^l M Itreet Digiailaa Street Wednesday Morning Snaps fli M^tl W ZMlmd Buttar. rush, and Sitka (pictured abore, debacle, and not to kill the that laid thaeggm be Mr. Qua Uty built Makea a HATFS Hardware 14lf OOVGLAS b XKLLX iii;i giud to these commodities. In the fifteenth year they may have made a little more money, but It was at the expense of some- body el. in DUtrlcta I to Vlc UMTlf^ «e blett ' A year or Mpo afik wb Mi Imuumm wm boomtnc aad cmy Mr ll Mrti been happy, there waa one fly In the otntment.

X provision in the agreement lifiwcen the dlstrtbtitors who. (Fraser Va Usy ]|Bk Pladaeen' .\s.Hh" or rerporalioii "'i'*- '"^ trii Mton In tlx ■ 1^^ ^"f 'l^l analp Malad company U Ike v.\MS \ t aad e Naai from hi Ike T3.- gamated company in tha area m Tcity of Oreater Vaacaavar for the term of ten years." It was In coiinrct Ion with this, clause, saul M? that pay- ment had bcm made to one man, and it had been lurther agreed that If the period of hla re Urement from the milk trade and that of his com- pany continued a further sum of ,000 would be paid to him. I speak for the consumer, and T say we are going to light to the Mtler end." LOUTET BILL TO GO BACK TO COMMITTEE Ceatlaaed from Page 1 J. OWOlt (Conservative), ^th Vancouver, said the act was "vicious" and should be repealed. T and there are many pro- ducer.s who say they cannot con- tinue In business If this law re- main.s on the statute book.'; of tnifi province." If the dairy products law was continued and l U terms made sl Ul more rigid. That ob Jec Uonabic be to gtve both old and new fl Mbwrlp Uo D rat M by M«U: Omt Irttidk.

i;\ Mixifictw to w Mterljr wta Mto: i Mrtiy cioudy m Uh tiaemtx*. "* PERFECT FITTING PUMPS than deliahted WHh HMW Sivw,es 13M Dfl Sigi M it M . The re* suit is that new s Usaglli la qnto d to #verv P«rt. (•OMn.\ivs M CHOICB LAMB Shoulder Spriaf Lamb, fk, Lege Spftoff La mb, W. WILL BE EXAMINED Ii Mlitiu wtn hr riii;eing atupped i"i ixamlnat Um by the biolo^cal pfr tf Mnt, under In. There have keen maagr eomplalp U that tt M fur MKl H ■ w wi llngty struettv* to eahmn H to kflpii. wlb ynemi to Akpdtok Island In Uncava B«ir.,to mnj out reseerrhpft In Keolagy. Owing to fofedosore, the price is ff p cut to 6 ACRES RICH GARDEN SOIL, INTENSIVELY CULTL VATBD, 1 1-2 acrctt full bearing asparagus, 1-2 acre black cttr- ranlti, 1-2 acre raspberries, 1 acre lo^ns and orchard fruits — a K«-. This 7w%tt is s very prodaclive country home and a bargain at ■ w V FAMILY HOt JSB, 7 KOOMI, S BBDROOM t UP. Opp Mba Poat Ofka A GENERAL MOTORS V AL, UE Test it for Speed! I I m-tl Iff l{ mister Voters in the Sa:inicli electoral district air irininded that the lls Us close on April 4. — T/w Ktlvin Crisptr, for instance, keeps lettuce, celery, and veget- ables crisp and fireah, and even restores them when wilted. Is eartahi to prove unprod UCtivi ..(Icquate rf'turns.

Vanooimr and Vidnllgr— to Mteals winds; •MMratty fttr vlth tpntli Ml nte ■ -• I l OLO? Job f'rmiuif ONISX r CHTABLUBKO It SS) Ed Itor Ul i NO. TWO PAGES Head'^ Aerial Search for Miasii Bg 11^ Mao Oonald Minittry Facet New Crieit in Conserva- tive Censure Motion LOWDON, Marrti f4 (CF).— Anolhrr intivr wa riiadr Innitht •n Uc Brl Usta po UUcmi cbowbourd, M th« PMUMMBtary Ukenl Farty da d dgd arain Kt rnterinc hit* t f«nttftl pact or sl Mancc w Uh Tnmlm Ban say Mac DMia M'i I »har G«Terni Beat . Liberal leacl(i, put forth paragraph by paragraph a statement of Liberal policy. - v people have become aaquatnted with kcxau goods through tha pna-Cdrt Me- Note the gusrsntee «a tv*rr pattot*-^ •taa4 bdlind it. i -i»d t AUUOB Pare Perk Beef and Porlc Sati*a|re, per Ih Our Tip-Top Special Sausage, lb. bo Unjr and ' «- expedition wl U be Kimiiai u6lf1f Birr of Canbwn. w Wdk do M^ .0000001 to hting urged by many leaders in public life, and business men. tens, puhhc building*, hotels and hmnes .11 e the best m Australis, hut the tity was designeii c eiit unliy to ac n. Below ta a view of the temporary Far Uament Building, which was crec Ud at a cost of ,600,000. Mir- roitnde.l hv improved properties— «ear school, chut ' t. SEPARATE BATH and washroom, large hall, dining-room, drawing-room, library and kitchen with pantries; cement basement and furanre: \erv iii*c will kept Kar°ph s Hospital, where its members were addreaaad by Ml M Thomlay, of the Vj OJf. ' THE NEW OLDSMOBILE Find out for yeunelf the added power of DOWN-DRAFT CARBURETION 11 Masters Motor Co., Ltd. port will be glvaa bf the aaetatary ■hawing the xaaolt oc the euooee^ul danoa held raoantlr at Marigold. Those who havt; not yet registered can do so at the office of the regl-'^trar. /coated porcelain exterior _^f^|fi- ■^^^^^^■a ^^^M^ ^^^^^^ w Kn ricuui snwj mn. It 1« because of this aiid other ventures, whare dividends cfnnot bo earned, that greatar super- vision should be ex Brciseiiic.s.s has gone down, too, and the prosperous oondltle called a qxsrtsmaa word means nought.

Some say the revolter."; claim not to have received tlieir pay. blood- hniinds and ftirplane.s liad been used while liiiiilreds of citizens had joined the father in the hunt acroes the brush country tht adjacent to the rtvor.

Playing on the trsa Bhsreas Bow lee, Donald had been thrown to his death when the thin coating broke.

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