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There was another, very small connection between the Gowlland and Bouverie families.A letter dated 19 July 1830 to William Henry Fox Talbot, the famous early photographer, from his sister Horatia describes a rather aristocratic water-party that took place on board the Vigilant cutter, which belongs to Mr H Bouverie as commissioner of the customs.Her father was George Skelton (1796 - 1876) born in Salisbury, Wiltshire, son of Edward (1772 - 1847) and Mary (1772 - 1846) [maiden name unknown], both of whom died in Salisbury.Edward's parents were Edward Skilton [sic] ( mother was Keturah ne Coles (1802 - 1881), born in Alderholt, Dorset, daughter of John (born c1768) and Mary ne Colebourne (c1765 - 1849).

I leave to Mary Atkins twenty guineas a year for her life Mary Atkins the daughter of C. Bouverie and to Mary Scot I leave thirteen guineas for life to be paid to her from the time of my death or if she lived on with my mother till after her death or upon quitting her service signed by me Dec. The family was obviously very concerned about the provisions of this codicil since, before probate was granted, two affidavits were sworn that the codicil was in Emmas handwriting.Mary's husband was a Mr Glanville: he was a Congregational minister, and also the warden of a "Home for Fallen Women" in South London.Their name was "Welsh" (not the common form "Welch") and they were cousins of the famous Jane Welsh who married Thomas Carlyle. The Glanvilles had a lot of papers etc referring to this, but apparently they were lost or destroyed when Bessie (the last one) died.No trace of her has yet been found in the 1891 census Presumably Charles left her sufficient money to live on and employ one or two servants but, in Richard Joscelyne's words, it was probably no more than a modest sufficiency.Interestingly, there is a reference to a Mrs Bouverie living in Belsize Park in a letter written on 17 February 1875 by Richard Sankey Gowlland, which is in Richard Joscelynes possession.

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    A much larger percentage of Bulgarian women are financially independent compared to their Russian counterparts and are not driven by financially desperate conditions to search for a husband and marriage abroad.

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