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When you are the unlucky person that is the third call there is no one to come to your rescue other than a volunteer fire department from one of the surrounding towns.

I feel sorry for the children and the elders of Oswego.

Mayor William Barlow made the hard choice to bring the staffing levels to a realistic number such as 40.

The city of Cortland is simmilar to Oswego and has a even smaller fire department with no ambulance.

Also Sue Rodems died of a heart attack...caused it...unknown, unless you believe the BS in Fulton. They will probably have a hotline you can call and not give your name. Also, does anyone know which sheriff's deputy had his/her patrol car parked for years permanently just down the hill from the D&W for years in a private driveway on 104? Fire ambulance nonsense This is what does not make sense, the Oswego Fire Department now has the same amount of guys as Fulton fire department, ten person shift seven person minimum manning.

Is it true , I don't know, as I thought he stayed there and called it in and inspected the area etc. Oswego has become a very sad shadow of what it used to be. I hope the person that posted.."I got a phone call from one of the guys towing a trailer that Van Patten called for the hit"...telling the truth.

The Oswego fire department sends just a ambulance with two crewmembers, or assists the ambulance with now a fire truck leaving only one fire truck to cover any second calls of any nature.

Dave White, Dave White - whatcha going to do, when they come for you? Reply to 3 Amigos I read back in 2014 that someone said that a woman ( worked as a law clerk I believe) caught two guys in lies at the store. Deputy that got flagged down said that he had to go follow the van..according to this story, NO ONE MENTIONED A VAN!!! Would leave anyone asking how the hell Dodd knew on the 22nd about Baldasaro statement when it wasn't yet signed. Its obvious they set Gary up intentionally was in contact witn these snitches the entire time. So many vacant properties and rentals owned by a very few landlords. The Death Of Common Sense The AG office must follow procedures and writing a letter ( if true) to inform Lisa about what is going to slow moving.

Police 312-5555 [email protected]: Add one more source of scum to the growing list in Oz Dave White, Dave White - whatcha going to do, when they come for you? Unless you have ESP, or can time travel in the future Dodd, on the 23nd, 27th, Baldasaro had not written any statement. Huge mistake by releasing Baldasaro statement 4 days early. The more you compare dates the more Dodds story doesn't add up. Dodds witnesses fell from the sky claiming Gart burned Heidi in a wood stove again Dodd did your ass time travel to know in a month God was gonna drop 2 witnesses on your lap that claim the same theory with the stove you have?? Then a month later seem to have witnesses to back up your lies. The money the district got to improve the schools MAY improve the buildings but does not necessarily mean better educated kids. Can any of these people remember that the power to tax is the power to destroy?

I'm sure the Mayor reduced the Oswego fire department due to hard and factual numbers and not on just a whim.

It would be disappointing to see that your fire chief Randall Griffin would undo the work of the mayor.

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