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In 1976 they acquired the freehold of that property, and by 1980 they had also acquired the freehold of 275 Cavendish Road.

All members of the family, including the children, contributed to the running of the businesses.11.

The second defendant, (“Mr Desai”) is married to the thirteenth defendant Harshika; she is a sister of Vatsal and Udi and the eldest of the four daughters of the Father and the Mother.6. She has played no active part in these proceedings. There are four married couples who are not related to the Amins but who are or have been involved in one or more of the partnerships.

They are the fifth and seventh defendants, the sixth and eighth defendants, the ninth and tenth defendants and the fourteenth (Swati) and sixteenth defendants.

I say 1992 because it appears that as part of the restructuring which I refer to later, the Father gave up his 10% share and passed it on to Vatsal and Udi.

In his witness statement, Udi says that the third Cashco partnership was only dissolved as a result of the Father’s death, when the shares became Vatsal (45%), Udi (45%) and Mr Desai (10%).

They are both defendants in the company proceedings.

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They were (and I show their shares in brackets) the Father (30%), the Mother (20%), Vatsal (20%) and Udi (20%), together with Mr Desai, Harshika’s husband, (10%).

The fifteenth defendant is the brother of the sixteenth defendant and the eighteenth defendant is the son of the fifth and seventh defendants; each of them is interested in one of the partnerships. The twelfth defendant, Nayana, is another sister of Vatsal and Udi; she is married to the eleventh defendant; they are concerned in three of the partnerships. The Father, who was very much the head of the family during his lifetime, was born in India in 1927 and married the Mother in 1948.

They later moved, first to Uganda and then to England in 1967.

The Father proceeded to acquire further such small properties, usually bringing in more distant family members to run the businesses to pay off the loans on the properties. In 1978 the Father embarked on a new venture, Cashco.

This was a cash and carry business originally established to supply the family’s shops and other shops owned by his partners in Cashco. The second Cashco partnership was formed in 1981 but it only lasted until 1983 when it was dissolved following a dispute over partnership shares.13.

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