Updating t mobile g1 error while updating filelist not working copy

According to the support pages for both phones, the S8 is getting version G950USQS2BQL1 and the S8 is getting version G955USQS2BQL1. [read full article] T-Mobile kicked off a Buy One, Get One deal on Apple, Samsung, and LG smartphones last month, but the Apple phones were only part of the deal for a little more than a week.If you missed out on that offer, you’re going to get a second chance.Less than two weeks after T-Mobile pushed the November 2017 security patches to its Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 , T-Mo says that it’s got another update for the two Android flagships.T-Mobile is now pushing the December 2017 Android security patches to its Galaxy S8 and S8 .Calls on T-Mobile's 3G network in New York were loud, clear, deep, and well-rounded.There's no in-ear feedback of your own voice, but whether that's good or bad is a matter of taste. But the phone's mic layers your voice in with a lot of background sound on the other end.

You get voice dialing, but you can't trigger the feature with a Bluetooth headset; you have to tap an icon on the phone.

But the G1, manufactured by HTC, is a quality phone with few bugs, and given the open nature of Android, I'm confident that more features are on the way.

This makes the G1 a good choice for anyone who wants an expandable phone and is interested in the future of mobile communication. It's a rectangular black phone (4.6 by 2.1 by 0.6 inches— HWD) with rounded corners and a big 3.2-inch, 320-by-480-pixel capacitive touch screen that's bright and responsive.

By default, most of the phone's applications are hidden in a "drawer" that pops open with a single touch.

(Again, you can move them to the home screen if you wish.) Working Android apps will be familiar to anyone who's used a touch-screen device before, with two twists: Hitting the physical Menu button brings up context-specific options and you can pull down a "window shade" from the top of the screen at any time to suppress new messages alerts and calendar alarms.

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