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Contact: Will Tocaben Email: [email protected] lute is located in western NC. hbr1959(at)picture picture picture picture November 19 2017 Lesser French Theorbo, built by Stephen Barber & Sandi Harris (2005) String length: 760mm (diapasons: 1400mm) Custom hard Kingham case. Model Sellas 64,4/134cm (6 courses 8 bass strings). [email protected] Andrews picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture August 2 2016 Early Renaissance Lute in G made by me. American) you can see this lute being played on youtube - https:// James 408-910-7783 [email protected] picture picture picture picture June 13 2016 13 course baroque lute by Ivo Magherini (Rome, 1989) String length 68cm/73,5cm, 11 ribs in rosewood, new set of Nylgut/Type D strings. [email protected] 00 44 1603 454402 and 00 44 7786 057484 May 13 2016 I would like to offer this highly decorative Hopkins baroque guitar for 3250 [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture May 8 2016 6 course lute in G after Gerle by Martin Shepherd. Contact Tony Scheuregger, Norwich, UK, [email protected] 00 44 1603 454402 and 00 44 7786 057484. Location: Newport News, Virginia USA Contact: [email protected] picture picture picture April 6 2016 14-course 2008 Baroque Lute - German Theorbe by violin/lute luthier Zoran Fainovic Custom made Baroque Lute, crafted specifically for me when I was playing the lute regularly. picture picture picture April 3 2016 5-course baroque guitar, built by Stanislav Lysak 2010; own original design inspired by Stradivarius ‘’Sabionari’’ guitar. Peterburg, Russia (I can deliver on occasion personally to Estonia, Latvia or Finnland, otherwise to be shipped by post on buyer's account) email: [email protected] picture picture February 7 2016 An 1849 Louis Panormo guitar restored in my workshop in 2015 is now being offered for sale at £4250 Information and photos of the guitar are at: details of the restoration are at 1849Contact Arthur Robb on 0044 1666-822945 or [email protected] February 2 2016 2007 Demian Reolid Romantic guitar after an 1833 Gennaro Fabricatore instrument.

The Instrument is located in the south of Germany and can be seen in Salzburg/Austria or Munich. picture picture picture picture picture November 3 2017 Archlute from Renatus Lechner (2015) for sale. The lute is almost not played in a very good condition. Price euro 3900 The theorbo is now between Swizerland and Italy (I travel in both places) [email protected] picture picture picture October 19 2017 7 string Early Romantic guitar "Lacote" copy by David Edwards - 2013. Full and loud tone; a gorgeous looking instrument as well. Full details can be accessed via luthier’s website, see case included. [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture picture picture August 28 2016 Larson Baroque Guitar, 2012 Sellas model, Back and sides: Rosewood with pear spacers Top Italian spruce Head: mahogany with ebony face plate Ebony fingerboard, with points Mechanical pegs for baroque guitar End button: Rosewood Bone nut Maple bridge with ebony top plate Ebony bridge decorations Ebony front edge half binding Kingham MTM case Albany, NY, USA 00 USD shipping and insurance. String length 76/152cm, currently tuned in G with double re-entrant 415/440. It has an intimate tone and also packs plenty of punch when played near the bridge. Hard plywood case soft warm bag included 1400 EUR Located in St.

If you want me to post your instrument please read this If this service has made you happy, please consider making a donation to my lute string fund! In March 2017 some fishy looking ads were submitted to me with pictures apparently taken from e Bay. Wide body is comfortable and gives a sonorous, oud-like sound in the bass and midrange. Cambered fingerboard allows for thick frets along the neck. 00 includes hard Kingham case and K&K Pure Preamp. Contact Taylor di Clemente at [email protected] picture picture picture picture November 29 2014 May 3 2016 February 27 2017 7 course lute by Ivo Magherini (1990) for sale. Very good contidion, powerful sound and nice projection. An amazing sounding instrument, wonderfully decorated, almost a collector's item. Contact Ariel Abramovich: [email protected] April 10 2017 December 15 2017 6 course lute, early 16 C model, based on various sources of iconography, built by Alfonso Marín in 2013. Maple back, pear wood neck and pegbox, wonderful spruce top. A museum piece which is totally playable Just to be Clear: it was made by Nicolas Marotel, and later was converted from wooden tuning pegs to mechanical tuners, almost definitely by a pupil of Lacote called Legros De La Neuville, at this time Legros added his handwritten label. Contact: [email protected] pictures and details see: September 17 2015 For sale, a new Arthur Robb 8 course lute, 600mm string length, tuned to g and strung with Kürschner strings.

use Google image search to see if the pictures you are looking at are right. 1,950 English pounds Dr James Westbrook The University of Cambridge & The Guitar Museum, Brighton Telephone: 07836 550210 (int.: 44 7836 550210) picture picture picture picture picture January 3 2016 I am selling a brand new Kingham case for a 10/11 course lute. The 13 rib body is figured sycamore, the fingerboard and soundboard edging are Indian rosewood, the bridge plum and the pegs pear. Cost, including a new blue Kingham (made to measure case) is £3500. Contact details - email: [email protected], phone: 0044 (0)1666 822945 August 27 2015 7 course renaissance lute made by Ian Harwood and John Isaacs 1972 Parting with an old companion.

Or look to see if the same instrument is on e Bay by another seller. It was built in 2015 for a 'small Frei' 11 course lute, 66cm playing string length. Asking price: $ 850 CAD, or other reasonable offers. Bozhinov Contact: [email protected] 13 2015 5 course Medieval lute c.1470, with gut strings in g’ at 440Hz, 52.5cm string length by JM Instruments 2010. I bought this lute in the mid 1970’s from a consignment music store in Durham, NC. 207-233-7560 [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture August 20 2015 8c renaissance lute by Martin Haycock, Chichester 2010, 59,5cm, 13 rib, red yew-wood back 4600 euros with Kingham case.

Now there is an RSS feed for this page - lute by Lawrence D. The case has black leather on the outside and red plush on the inside. English Yew back, pear wood neck, peg box and pegs, parchment rose with pear wood, alpine spruce soundboard with sycamore edging, double fretting. Made in 2010, barely played, can be heard on the jamarriage channel on you tube. It is a one of a kind 7 course renaissance lute made by Ian Harwood and John Isaacs and the label says “Made for the Harpsichord Centre 1972.” Soundboard 23 cm, string length 68cm, width of neck 7.5 cm, 9 ribs. contact Hugh Sandilands, 0049 76(Germany), or [email protected] 3 2015 May 3 2016 Michael Lowe archlute for sale It has a wonderful sound and has very pleasant action.

If you are looking at instruments to buy be aware that people don't always tell me when they sell their instrument. Cypress vaulted back and sides, cypress neck and pegbox spruce top. Nice transparent sound, good projection and playability. The theorbo was made in 2014 by Christo Georgiev and works equally well on 415 and 440 Hz, suitable for both continuo and solo repertories. Copy of Gennaro Fabricatore guitar from 1822 in the University of Edinburgh Museum. This guitar would suit a serious (professional) player, preferably for non nail-players , due to the low action (because of no raised fingerboard).

This exceptional concert instrument was made for me by the renowned luthier Ray Nurse in Vancouver in 2014. It compares very well in every way to lutes made in the near-east, and to lutes made in China – through France. 68 / 153 cm This lute has been played professionally, and travels well! a crisp, clear sound from a solid and well-made instrument. Maple back and sides and of course a nice spruce soundboard. I love this guitar and I'm only selling out of need.

v=L9kpnw2Yf-8 for additional photos or information contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture March 2 2017 October 11 2017 Archlute by Cesar Arias, made in 2013. It is single stringed throughout at the moment, but it has pegs and bridge holes for a complete double stringing but the bridge and the top were changed by the builder at my request (to make the instrument work at it´s best with single strings) and the bridge has now holes only for single strings. ,500 (dollars) Contact [email protected] lute is in Iowa. Built nearly two years ago but not pl ayed very much. Email: [email protected] picture picture picture October 1 2017 Vihuela by Dan Larson (2003) • 59.5cm string length / spruce top • birds-eye maple sides and back • ebony pegs • ebony front binding • maple/ebony veneered neck and headstock • maple/ebony inlayed fingerboard • 5 small soundboard inlays • Kingham case included • strung in nylgut (will include new Aquila CD red basses) ,600 plus shipping/insurance Instrument is located in Los Angeles, CA Contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture October 1 2017 Vihuela by Daniel Larson - 2017. tab=album&album_id=1285830578117937 in perfect condition, please feel free to ask about more information. Powerful projection and capable of a wide range of tonality.

It is based on a Sellas instrument(1639 Venecia) located in the Museo Civico di Bolonia. 61cm string length, Swiss Alpine top, Maple ribs, Rosewood fingerboard and half binding. Figured maple back and sides; Spruce top; Mahogany neck and head. This is a beautiful sounding guitar, currently strung with Pyramid nylon. Anna Kowalska & Anton Birula 607727346 picture picture picture September 14 2016 11 course baroque lute by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2016 69cm https:// At 79cm, a perfect size for anyone looking to transfer from Ren. This was my concert theorbo for years and is currently tuned in G.

European Spruce soundboard, 11 ribs of figured ash in a golden brown oil varnish. Contact: [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture June 21 2017 13 course swan neck Baroque lute for sale: This is a brand new instrument by Anatoli Gundilowicz 2017, set up and "tuned" by us, in perfect shape, comes in a made do measure hard case. It stands out as distinctively made with a solid Maple back (unlike the veneer sometimes seen of birch on other instruments from this builder) It was part of a fine collection of instruments that belonged to Luthier Gabriel Sousa in San Jose, California. For this reason I am selling this instrument that is well worth keeping. Contact : Julien Coulon, Paris (France), [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture May 19 2017 • 8 Course Renaissance Lute • Location: Hamburg, Germany • Contact: BARBARA FERLONI [email protected]• String length: 59.5 cm in G tuning • Maker: Barbara Ferloni. It has a rather deep bowl which gives the bass a very full sound. The price is 2700 Eur (hard case included) and is located in Basel, Switzerland. I would take 1750 eu, (new it coast 3500) because there is a crack on the sound board and perhaps it should to be reduce the strings action on the fingerboard, it depends on your taste. The instrument is located in North Germany, near to Hamburg. I have experience in packaging and selling instruments to USA and Europe picture picture picture picture November 15 2016 8 Course Renaissance Lute 2014 by Kenneth Wryn, based on Hieber Like New condition Fitted Kenneth Wryn deluxe custom hard case included String length 590mm, width at nut 69mm, neck thickness at nut ~21mm, neck/body joint 25mm 17 Rosewood ribs 40 years aged with African Blackwood spacers Spruce soundboard from Bob Lundberg ~1990 – 1992 African Blackwood fingerboard/neck veneer/peg box French Polish bowl and peg box, oil on neck Strung with Pyramid rectified nylon – silk/brass overspun Extra unopened set of Pyramid strings – silver LOXX strap locks – can accommodate wooden buttons 00 plus shipping Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA Contact: 1 3 – [email protected] picture picture picture picture picture picture November 6 2016 magificent 7-course vihuela by Julio Castanoes (2005) very light and responsive instrument with a great sound by one of the best vihuela makers. Near mint condition, great playability, settled in and low action. There is a scratch on the soundboard and part of the ebony binding has a gap.

0034629012929 [email protected] June 23 2017 6-course lute by William Good, after Gerle, 59.7cm string length. tab=album&album_id=1553153968052262 please contact for more information. Anna Kowalska &amd; Anton Birula [email protected] June 14 2017 Theorbo for sale. Completly revised by a lute maker, very low action. It is fine sounding Romantic Guitar suitable for concerts or recording . I have a similar Petite Jean labeled as such and do not need to keep both. Contact: Sebastián Núñez, email: [email protected] number: 31308784614, Pictures: makers for May 14 2017 Nice little 6-Course lute, Mel Wong, 2005. and modern guitars, I have rarely used this fine instrument since the 1980s. The instrument is based on a lute by Magno dieffopruchar, Venetia / 1609, which is currently in the Museo Civico Bardini (nr. This instrument is currently strung in Nylgut and Savarez NF strings. If you are interested I’m at [email protected] picture picture picture March 22 2017 Vihuela 6 course for sale. It's in mint condition and the fingerboard is very comfortable, but over all it sounds really loud being a renisance lute. 2 years of stable stock at my studio under strings pressure and right humidity conditions. Israel Baroque Lute Method book in English I can sell thru my own 100% positive feedback ebay and reverb accounts. The back is constructed of 15 alternating ribs of zircote and holly. Rosewood tuning pegs and strung in Savarez carbon nylon and Pyramid silver overwound strings and tuned in G (440).

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