Updating hard drive hdd

In other words it is an update that is preparing your hard drive to work with your PS4.

If you have not purchased a new hard drive see the 1. USB Flash Drive to download an 850MB file, Any size larger than 1GB with no files on it will work.

Format your USB drive by going to your computers drives list. When formatting ensure the File System reads“ Click ok to continue Congratulations!

You have installed your update on a new hard drive for your PS4 You can copy saved data from a USB storage device to the PS4™ system by performing the following steps.

Then in BIOS settings I changed the boot configuration from CSM to UEFI and then I changed it again. I have no idea of what happened and why the problem was fixed.

Could you please tell me if I should update my hard drive? I’ve seen where you should update your hard drive, but I don’t know what to do. You don’t need to upgrade a hard drive unless you actually have a reason. The last reason doesn’t necessarily mean you need to replace your hard drive. As changes are made to software, updating, adding and changing features, it’s not uncommon for some portions of the software to no longer be necessary.

I’m not sure where you’re seeing this information that says “you should” update your hard drive.When I did this I recovered acces to the BIOS as usual.I still couldn't start the system from the internal HDD.While formatted to a degree, plain and simple, everything runs together and is nearly impossible to follow. I installed a manufacturer system settings program, which allowed me to acces the BIOS from the operating system.Then I changed the order of search for operating systems and put the USB first.

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