Hobbit rrd error updating

Recentelijk is Cent OS 5.2 en Xymon 4.23 RC1 uitgekomen.

Omdat ik al redelijk wat ervaring met BB heb en wat ervaring op wilde doen met Cent OS leek het mij eens interessant om met deze versies wat te gaan spelen.

This is typically 'nobody' or 'apache' or 'www-data' What group-ID does your webserver use [nobody] ? Configuration complete - now run make (GNU make) to build the tools callisto:/usr/src/xymon-4.2.3 # ... 200 OK Length: 105617 (103K) [application/x-gzip] Saving to: `devmon-templates-20080206gz' 100%[================================================================================================================================================================= Loading repository data... After the operation, additional 1.5 M will be used. [YES/no]: Retrieving package net-snmp- (1/2), 351.0 K (953.0 K unpacked) Installing: net-snmp- [done] Retrieving package perl-SNMP- (2/2), 162.0 K (626.0 K unpacked) Installing: perl-SNMP- [done] callisto:/opt/monitor/devmon # Edit de volgende parameter: BBHOSTS=/opt/monitor/xymon/server/etc/bb-hosts [[email protected] devmon]# cd modules/ [[email protected] devmon]# cp /usr/lib/mrtg2/modules [[email protected] devmon]# cp /usr/lib/mrtg2/SNMP_modules [email protected] devmon]# ./devmon --readbbhosts [[email protected] devmon]# ls -la total 80 drwxr-xr-x 6 5 Oct 15 . (ze staan bij mij niet altijd aan, vandaar de dialup) [[email protected] devmon]# [[email protected] devmon]# ./devmon --readbbhosts [[email protected] devmon]# ls -l total 68 .... [[email protected] devmon]# [[email protected] devmon]# mv extras/devmon.initd.redhat /etc/init.d/devmon aanpassen met vi: [[email protected] devmon]# vi /etc/init.d/devmon ... elif [ -e /opt/monitor/xymon/client/bin/bbcmd ] then prog="/opt/monitor/xymon/client/bin/bbcmd $prog" ...

I can set this up if you tell me what group-ID your webserver runs with. Using Linux Makefile settings Created Makefile with the necessary information to build Xymon Some defaults are used, so do look at the Makefile before continuing. 200 OK Length: 2313567 (2.2M) [application/x-gzip] Saving to: `xymon-4.2.3gz' 100%[================================================================================================================================================================= Configuration script for Xymon This script asks a few questions and builds a Makefile to compile Xymon Checking your make-utility Checking pre-requisites for building Xymon Checking for fping ...

This is typically 'nobody' or 'apache' or 'www-data' What group-ID does your webserver use [nobody] ? Configuration complete - now run make (GNU make) to build the tools [[email protected] xymon-4.2.3-RC1]# ... You must configure your webserver for the Hobbit webpages and CGI-scripts. Hobbit has a built-in ping utility (hobbitping) However, it is not yet fully stable and therefore it may be best to use the external fping utility instead. test-rrd.c: In function ‘main’: test-rrd.c:30: error: too few arguments to function ‘rrd_graph’ make: *** [test-compile] Error 1 Not RRDtool 1.0.x, checking for 1.2.x Found RRDtool include files in /usr/include Found RRDtool libraries in /usr/lib Checking for PCRE ...

(Note: This is the URL - NOT the filesystem directory) ********************** SECURITY NOTICE **************************** If your Xymon server is accessible by outsiders, then you should restrict access to the CGI scripts that handle enable/disable of hosts, and acknowledging of alerts.

The easiest way to do this is to put these in a separate CGI directory and require a password to access them.

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